EF EPI 2011 (English Proficiency Index)

The EF EPI (Education First, English Proficiency Index) 2011 Report

Download the EF EPI 2011 Report

The EF EPI 2011 report compares adult English proficiency around the world. The report is packed with insights including:

  • An overview of who is learning English and how they do it
  • A discussion of the role English plays around the world in 2011
  • 42 countries and 2 territories ranked by English proficiency
  • Explanations of educational, economic and social factors impacting performance
  • Recommendations of how countries can improve English proficiency
  • A full explanation of methodology and references

(Via Download the EF EPI 2011 report comparing countries by their English level)

An opinion post by Atul Sabnis on this report.


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